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They call me nerd


Hi. My name is Aleksandar Palic, and I'm a web developer from Vienna. I'm also doing designy stuff which means that Photoshop and Illustrator as well as my graphics tablet are included in my daily armory.

Currently I'm 21 years old and study media engineering at the university of applied sciences in St. Pölten, lower Austria. I've been into the web since I was 11 which means that I was able to get quite experienced until now.


My skills include several programming languages and knowledge in design and typography. My career started with basics in C/C++ and OOP with Java. In high school I taught myself HTML and CSS as well as PHP as my first server-side scripting language for the web (I've never been a fan of JSP).
At university I'm attending the subject Software Engineering in which I'm learning C# along with several Design-/ Patterns and Paradigmns. Right now I'm playing around with Ruby and Node.js, learning several frameworks like Symfony 2 and Content Management Systems like Typo3 & Drupal. Besides I'm creating mobile applications (basically iOS) with Xcode and Phonegap.


In my spare time I'm either coding on small projects, doing sports or chilling with my homies. Recently I passed a karate trial for the 3. Kyu which means that I'm a proud wearer of the brown belt. In summer you can also find me in skate parks where I jump around and do weird stunts with my skates. I'm also quite of an artist and manga fan.


The quickest way is to send me a message on Twitter. We may also meet in the Stackoverflow chatrooms.