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Sunburst Theme for Apple Xcode 2012-11-23


Me and Sunburst

I've been using Sunburst for a few years now. I can remember the first time I used TextMate for Mac and switched the themes when I suddenly stumbled over this one. I immediately fell in love with the color scheme and now I'm using it in nearly every Editor or IDE except for ... well Xcode.
Apple has shipped a few dark themes but they either have a too high contrast and hurt my eyes or just don't look right - so I decided to convert my beloved Sunburst theme into a working Xcode theme.

Download Sunburst

Install the theme

Put the file into /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes and restart Xcode.
Enjoy and feel free to comment if something goes wrong.

Setting Up Symfony 2 On Mac Os X Lion With Mamp 2012-06-16



Why MAMP ? Because it’s the easiest way to work locally with Symfony 2 at the moment. It comes with an updated APC extension and requires only the INTL extension which we will compile in this how-to. Please follow the requirements and instructions step by step.


  1. Download and install Xcode from the App Store. (current release 4.3.3).
  2. Download and install the Command Line Tools for Xcode from Preferences > Downloads in Xcode.
  3. Install Macports. Follow the instructions on Macports

More To Come 2012-06-14

Welcome to the skripted : blog

I've been into the web for a few years now and some of you guys know me either from the Stackoverflow chatrooms or because of my rather old guide on how to setup Symfony 2 on OS X Lion.
Speaking of it, this will be the first thing I'm gonna reup on this blog. I've switched to GitHub because I'm finished with Wordpress (it really sucks) and I'm gonna delete my old blog there pretty soon.

So stay tuned !